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A free modern military turn-based world-domination game

World Conqueror 2 is all about strategically taking over the world with the use of military units such as soldiers, artillery, and machinery. It is very similar to the game Risk, except that there is more to do with your units such as levelling them up and firing artillery from a distance.

Attack your neighboring countries with modern war machines

World Conqueror 2 is a strategy game where you are given several countries and you have to draw resources from the countries you own to build new troops and machinery. Unlike Risk, your troops have a life bar, and different types of unit will be more effective against different units, such as how a tank is weak against air attacks. In order to make your attacks more effective, you can level up your troops with medals, and you can place more than one set of troops or machinery in one area. The cut scenes to show you fighters shooting at each other are so underwhelming that they quickly become needless interruptions that add nothing to the gameplay.

A reasonable Risk alternative

World Conqueror 2 is the free alternative to the poorly-optimized Hasbro Risk games that exist. Sadly, World Conqueror 2 is a pay-to-win game where it is almost impossible to win without spending a lot of money on upgrades. All of your forces are under-powered unless you pay to upgrade them, and your AI allies are both useless and will take your territory. It offers a challenge for grinders who can stay motivated, but some people are going to find it too exasperating. However, at the time of release, it beat most of the Risk games available at the time.


  • A good alternative to Risk
  • Ranged artillery is a nice touch


  • Too difficult to win unless you pay real money
  • Instructions on how to play are awfully inadequate


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World Conqueror 2


World Conqueror 2 1.4.0 for Mac


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